A Place for Everything and Everything in It's Place! - A Dose of Encouragement

  Where is it?

      Where did you leave it?

          Where did you last see it?

              Where did you last have it?

                  When did you last have it?

                      What did you last use it for?

I need

A Place for Everything!


All these questions and more are regularly asked in our house.

So the simple solution to all of this is my favourite quote

A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place

But even though I have loved this saying for many years

                              I have never yet got to this ideal position in my home or life.

One of the reasons

                       is simply that there are

I often have to overhaul my Study and even there I pick a place to keep something and then later I change my mind and decide to keep in in a different part of that room and then the next time I want that item I go back to the original place and wonder why I can't find it there!

I have forgotten that I changed my mind!

This is especially so with my craft items.

One time I think that one box or container suits my stamps best and then I get some more and decide that the original container was not big enough to hold all that I now have 

or I have my embellishments in segmented containers and then I decide to sort them by a different criterion and find that the sizes of the compartments don't suit or the number of compartments don't suit.

So I rearrange them and then later when I want a certain item I have to go through all my containers again because I can't remember how I rearranged them.

I have forgotten that I changed my mind!

When we lived in America (many years ago) we bought a lovely piece of furniture.

It was a Computer Armoire.

While we were in America and also for some years after we had returned to Northern Ireland, we used it for our computer but then when we all had computers we stopped using it for this purpose and I claimed it as a Craft Armoire.

BUT this is what it can get like when I let it get out of control.

When I don't take the time to put things in their proper place inside it.

Unfortunately other things can get out of control in our lives too.

We start to order our finances with a nice little budget but then forget about or don't write everything down.

We start to be more careful about our eating habits and exercise habits and then after a few weeks we get lazy again.

We plan to do things but just keep putting them off.

What we could be tempted to say then is

I need a

Place for everything and Time for everything!

When what we really need is to get rid of the things that take up space and time in our lives and say

I need to

Concentrate on the good and sensible things that give meaning to my life.

by asking ourselves what God would have us do and going back to the reason we are on this earth

What is Man's Chief End?

Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Or in other words

What should we be concentrating on?

We should be concentrating on living our lives so that
 we bring
 glory and honour to God
 draw others to God

Then we will know the fullness of joy that the Bible talks about because we will be in the right place.

Then we will be content with our life because we will be in the right place with God.

Then we won't have perfect homes or perfect memories or be perfect but we will be in good relationship with  our heavenly father.

Let's Put the RIGHT things FIRST in our Lives and Homes.

Let's not keep changing what we think, what we do, what we hold on to.

Let's follow God and stick with what He leads us to.

Let's not keep forgetting or changing our minds.

I'ts time to be consistent in our faith.

God is an unchanging God

Can we be an unchanging people who stick to God's Word and obey all of it.