Looking for Devotionals or Bible Studies - Stuck at Home and Need Help?

Are you stuck in the house?

If you are confined to home

             or self-isolating

                          or off work because the kids are ill

    or perhaps the weather is just too cold or stormy to get out

  you may be looking for some devotionals to read each day

or Bible Studies to dig into.

If So
This is the place to find all my devotional & Bible Study type posts 

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Each of the blog posts that fall into the category of Devotionals will be listed here 
Themes or Topics.

Why We Worship

#1   God is Great                                                  
#5   God is Holy                                                 
#9   God is Merciful                                             
#17   God is Wise                                                

It's God's Love                          

It's God's Love #4
It's God's Love #5                                                
It's God's Love #8
It's God's Love #9                                                
It's God's Love #12
It's God's Love #13                                              
It's God's Love #16
It's God's Love #20
It's God's Love #21                                                 
It's God's Love #24
It's God's Love #25                                                 

Songs for Worship

Pondering the Psalms

Smile God Loves You

Sunday Scripture

Sunday Scripture  Luke 1v37
Sunday Scripture  Psalm 145v1-3
Sunday Scripture  Matthew 8v27
Sunday Scripture  2 Timothy 1v7
Sunday Scripture  Romans 8v25 
Sunday Scripture  John 16v24 
Sunday Scripture  Hebrews 12v14
Sunday Scripture  Psalm 16v8
Sunday Scripture  1 Thessalonian 5v16-18
Sunday Scripture  Philippians 1v21
Sunday Scripture  Psalm 34v1
Sunday Scripture  Proverbs 22v17-21

New Testament


Just click on the Titles to find out more.

I started the Advent Reading Challenge through the Gospel of Luke where you read 1 chapter each day from 1st December to 24th Dec and by then you have reached the end of the book.

Then I thought I would write a series of blog posts as I went along mostly covering 2 chapters at a time.

Each time I publish my post I will put the link to that post in the list below so have a good wander around and read my thoughts on the Book of Luke.

The Gospel of Luke 

Overview & Chapter 1
Chapters 2 & 3
Chapters 4 & 5
Chapters 6 & 7
Chapters 8 & 9
Chapters 10 & 11
Chapters 12 & 13
Chapters 14 & 15
Chapters 16 & 17
Chapters 18 & 19
Chapters 20 & 21
Chapters 22 & 23
Chapters 24 & Summary


I started blogging each day for 31 Days for an October challenge and reached the end of chapter 17 so then I decided to continue on through Acts but only posting approx. twice a week.

Each of the posts are in the list below so have a good wander around and read my thoughts on the book of Acts.


DAY 1  -  Do You Read Everything in a Book?  
DAY 2  -  Who is your Attention on?
DAY 3  -  All Together Now?
DAY 4  -  Is there Strength in the Promise?
DAY 5  -  What Happened at the Gate?
DAY 6  -  Have We Got Your Attention?
DAY 7  -  Who Complains About Good Things?
DAY 8  -  Responses to the Gospel
DAY 9  -  Because of a Lie
DAY 10  -  Who Does the Miracles?
DAY 11  -  What's the Outcome?
DAY 12  -  Wise & Respected Men
DAY 13  -  A Result of Hatred.
DAY 14  -  Good Out of Evil.
DAY 15  -  Important Questions, Simple Answers
DAY 16  -  Darkness! Now the True Light!
DAY 17  -  Changing Lives & Communities
DAY 18  -  Death & Life
DAY 19  -  It's not about Us, It's all about God!
DAY 20  -  We all need to be Encouragers
DAY 21  -  A Miraculous Escape
DAY 22  -  Daily Scriptures
DAY 23  -  A Specific Job for the Kingdom
DAY 24  -  Love & Hatred
DAY 25  -  All the Same?
DAY 26  -  Believe in the Right Thing!
DAY 27  -  Empowering People's Lives
DAY 28  -  The Call
DAY 29  -  What Does God Need?
DAY 30  -  The Power & Destruction of Envy
DAY 31  -  Knowing God

This is the rest of the Book of Acts .

Chapter 18  -  Reactions of People
Chapter 18 (contd)  -  A Godly Couple
Chapter 19  -  Questions are Important!
Chapter 19 (contd)  -  The Influence of Paul
Chapter 20  -  A Short Eventful Visit
Chapter 20 (contd)  -  Paul's Goal
Chapter 21  -  The Journey to Jerusalem
Chapter 21 & 22  -  Paul's Defense
Chapter 23  -  A Murder Plot
Chapter 23 & 24  -  Accusations & Indecisions
Chapter 25  -  The Big Appeal
Chapter 26  -  Paul Comes Before the King
Chapter 27 & 28  - 


Looking at 4 studies 






Looking at the Story of Ruth and Boaz from the Book of Ruth from the relationships of the 3 main characters Ruth, Boaz and Naomi.

Ruth & Boaz - The Start of the Story

Ruth & Boaz - Unconditional Love

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