Pondering the Psalms - Psalm 37

Each Sunday I am going to choose a Psalm and write down some brief thoughts on it.

Today I'm looking at Psalm 37

Many of the verses in this Psalm exhort us to do something and then we will see God work in us or around us.

V. 3
Trust in the Lord
We will dwell safely

V. 4
Take delight in God
We will gain the desires of our heart

V. 5-6
Commit our ways to God
He will act on our behalf

V. 7-11
Be still and wait patiently on God
The wicked will be cut off and we will possess the Land

V. 16-17
Be righteous
God will uphold us

V. 23-24
Walk in the steps that delight the Lord
He will establish us

V. 27-29 &  32-33
Depart from evil and do good
We will abide forever because God will not forsake His saints

It is important that we know how God desires that we live our lives

V. 30
Speak as a righteous person
God will give us the wisdom to be just

V. 31
Keep the law of God in our hearts
Our steps will not slip

V. 34
Wait on the Lord and keep to His Way
He will exalt us to possess the Land

V. 37
Be a person of peace
God will prosper us

V. 40
Take refuge in God
He will help, deliver and save us

It is important we know how God desires to work in our lives


it is more important 

that we know how God desires that we live our lives.