Invisible Reins - A Dose of Encouragement

One time a few years ago while a group of us were praying for a friend I had this impression of how she was being held back, constrained, as if a set of reins were attached to her back and being pulled quite taut.

Something was keeping this lady from having the full enjoyment available in her Christian life.  She was being restricted from advancing because of some tie.

The restriction I was sure was coming from some incident in her past, something that was keeping a restraint on all she was to experience in God.  I also felt that she wasn't aware of this but it actually was something she was allowing to hold on to her when God had forgiven her and all she had to do was to forgive herself.

There are many things in our past that can still affect us even when we believe we have left them behind.  

When we moved to live in America for three years everyone would have thought that things from the past in a different country could not have gone with me and been a hindrance, but they did.  

In fact one of the reasons God moved us was to help me be free of a person from the past that always wanted to rein me in and curb anything that I felt God was doing in my spiritual life.

However moving thousands of miles does not offer the solution in itself.  

I still had to come to the point where I put certain things behind me and only then could I open myself to let God make a real change in me.

In America I was seen in a different light from the way people (who had known me most of my life) had viewed me.

I was freer to step out and do as God was leading me which meant a change in me.

Yet there still remained the feelings of hurt and restraint that I had from before.

But God is gracious and during that period away from the previous environment I had time to develop without the distractions and restraints.

We need to fly free from all restraints

Also things changed back at home as well so that on our return to Northern Ireland I was not thrust back into the exact same setting as before to suddenly have that same pull put on me.

No matter what stage of life we are in or where we are God can provide us with the circumstances and setting we need to help us move on in Him.

The important thing is to move on with God

In my case He used a move to a different country but in other cases He will use the right thing at the right time to work in any of our lives - we just need to be ready to let Him remove those reins and be freer for His use.

The devil will always love to see us tied up and bound by anything at all so that we are not free to be used properly for God's glory but God is always in control of each situation and we need to keep in step with Him and allow Him to work in us.



  1. I always thought I was good at letting things go, but just this week God showed me how hard I hang onto things and what peace, relief and joy there is in letting go. I could feel a WEIGHT just gone. And while what I had to let go involved something completely different, it opened up my own self-confidence. Crazy, right? Great post, very true.

  2. I love this Sandra! I find there have been some things in my own past that I think I have dealt with and they end up still affecting me. You speak wise words today, friend! Thank you!

  3. I have definitely felt the effects of those invisible reins in my own life. Finally been stepping into more freedom of late but can feel the reins attempting to come back at times.

  4. Your posts are always so encouraging Sandra! Thanks for this reminder :)

  5. I've also found it true that time and distance can help you move past certain issues (albeit temporarily), but the best way (in my opinion) to help yourself is to address them head-on and find peace within yourself instead of avoiding them.

  6. What a terrific post! There can even be things by good intentions that can interfere with our joy, and the devil does like to seize on that and have us feel confined. God is so good to rescue us from this bondage. Thanks for this reminder :)

  7. Anonymous05:20

    What a great post. I moved interstate and was not pleased to discover how much of my past had moved with me. I had packed in all, right in there with the linen. I love your blog and am following you on Twitter. God bless.

  8. Oh, yes. We can't let ourselves be imprisoned with our past.

  9. It is awesome when God reveals to us that what he is shaking in our live is to bring good. Moving from a controlling situation often brings enough relief so that one can work through those feelings and emotions that bind us. I am glad that the situation in Ireland was changed enough so you could move forward. That old enemy is sly and tries to snare us if he can. I am so thankful the Holy Spirit alerts us to what the devil is trying to do. May we ever be awake and watching. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  10. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  11. It's amazing how God uses many different ways to get us to where we need to be. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.