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Christian Songs for Kids - Who Made?

Some time ago I talked about not being able to find many powerpoint presentations to illustrate Christian Songs for Kids.

I had got to the point where I was making my own to use in our Church, Sunday School and an After School Bible Club our church ran in a nearby primary school each Monday.


I am going to share songs with you providing a 

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make it) 

(chords also available)

Recording / Video
(to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.  

Also don't forget you can go to the side bar on the right and sign up for an email reminder of my posts. Then you will know when the next song is posted.

Today I am starting with the theme of


The song I have chosen is 


My own children enjoyed singing this as they grew up through our Good News Club and Sunday School.

It is a simple repetitive song which strongly teaches the children that God is the creator of all things and of course there are some great actions for everyone to take part.


I made this presentation for projecting the words.

To Download a copy of this powerpoint presentation click 

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Who made the twinkling stars, 
The twinkling stars, the twinkling stars.
Who made the twinkling stars, 
Our Father God.

Who made the fish that swim, 
The fish that swim, the fish that swim.
Who made the fish that swim, 
Our Father God.

Who made the flowers & the trees, 
The flowers & the trees, the flowers & the trees.
Who made the flowers & the trees, 
Our Father God.

Who made the rolling waves, 
The rolling waves, the rolling waves.
Who made the rolling waves, 
Our Father God.

Who made both you & me, 
Both you & me, both you & me.
Who made both you & me, 
Our Father God

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar or piano click  

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Who made the twinkling stars  -  Hold up hands  at head height & Tap fingers and thumb together on both hands 

Who made the fish that swim  -  Place two hands palms together pointing forward and wiggle them

Who made the flowers & the trees  -  Close hands and bring them together in front and then open the hands to represent flowers opening

Who made the rolling waves  -  Place arms in front of you with one hand a few inches in front of the other and then circle the hands round each other in a rolling motion

Who made both you and me  -  Point outwards for you and in toward yourself for me

Our Father God  -  Simply point and look upwards.


Special "Thank You" to my husband Fred who looks after the Recordings and Chords


The words and music for this are noted as traditional see here
and I cannot find any author.

I believe I probably made up the verse about the flowers and the trees but not sure.

If anyone has any further info on this song please let me know.

Why not Pin this for future use:-

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.

If you have any Christian Kids Songs you would particularly like to see here please leave details in the comments and if I know the song I will endeavour to include it on the blog for you as soon as possible.


Thank you God. - Coffee & Conversation

The first thing I thought as I wrote the title for today's post was

           "okay that will probably put some people off reading this post"

But I really hope that it would do the opposite and entice people in because what is better to write about than something which makes you say

"Thank you God"

It all started with me wanting to do this online graphics course and with all that I had learned so far I decided it was time to create a unique picture for my Facebook Timeline.

     So that was my little project yesterday.

I had already found a nice picture free to use by anyone from a site called Pixabay a few days ago and had downloaded it to my computer knowing I would use it for something.  So today I thought of it and set to work to resize it to be the right size for a timeline pic and crop it to get rid of a piece I didn't want in it.

Then I had to think what I wanted to write on it and where to put this text etc.

Well looking at the picture just one thing came to mind and so I proceeded to finish my creation which you can see below.

To me it was obvious with the rainbow reminding me of the promises of God and His love, that the only thing I could write was 

"Thank you God"

What do you think of when you see a rainbow?

Maybe it's because I collect things to do with arks (if you don't believe me see I Love Arks).

Maybe it's because I have led children's meetings for many years and we would often sing the song "Mr Noah built an Ark" which has as the end of the chorus the words

"So whenever you see a rainbow, remember God is Love"

Or Maybe it's because I believe the Bible story of Noah and the Ark with the rainbow as a sign of God's promise to the world.

      But whenever I see a rainbow 

I see the beautiful creation of God and know that He loves me 
and I believe that He keeps His promises. 

And there in that alone I have 3 reasons why I say

 "Thank you God"