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I've got the Coffee! Where's the Conversation? - Coffee & Conversation.

Where do we see a lot of conversation these days?

Mostly on Social Media!

Yes, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook but some of you might like to add in Instagram as well although I don't know it well (having seldom used my account) and perhaps it hasn't gone down the road of connecting people so much in the conversation type way.

We talk about
            our friends on Facebook

we talk to 
            our friends on Facebook

we talk to
            our Facebook friends on Facebook.

A conversation used to be face to face over a cup of coffee or tea.

Now it's on a Social Media and consists of emojis, photos, memes and videos with a bit of writing but basically not that much or maybe in short bursts if you use Messenger or texts.

Facebook used to be a good way for me to keep in touch with my friends from different parts of the world we have previously lived in but not so much now as we all just don't share as much on it and with the inclusion of so many Facebook Groups and Pages there is now so much in our feed we don't get offered all of our Friends contributions any more.

We end up not having real conversations with our friends and sometimes not even having a Facebook conversation with our real friends but instead it's a Facebook conversation with Facebook Friends.

Let's have some real conversations and get to know each other better.

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When was the last time we just sat down together with a friend and had a coffee and a chat?

Are we still up-to-date with how our friends are, truly are?

It's easy, let's do it more often, much more often.

I've got the Coffee! Let's have a Conversation!

So let's say to someone  "I've got the coffee!  Let's have a Conversation!" and invite them over.


Kindness of Strangers - A Dose of Encouragement

We often take for granted the things our families do for us.

We sort of expect that they will come to our rescue when we have been in a car accident and need transport home as in  4 Accidents & a ...(pt2)

We usually expect to be understanding when things crop up to change our plans as in Which Point of View

We also expect to support each other & celebrate good times together as in  Olympic Torch Run

That's what we do for family.

Photo Credit: Bigstock Images

We also expect to be able to turn to friends for help and support.

We would be surprised if our friends were not willing to jump in to help at short notice, especially if we take ill and need babysitting help or those little trips to the chemist and shops for something we have run out of.

We are normally willing to check up on friends when we haven't seen them around or had contact with them for a while.

That's what we do for friends.

There are some other people we expect to help us and we are very thankful when they do a good job.  I can think immediately of the nice ladies in the shop I got my outfit for our son's wedding and some people who have helped Fred with queries over his work computer connections (he works from home).  These people of course are in jobs where that is their responsibility but we are thankful when they do it well and honestly and with a very pleasant attitude.

But then there are the people who do not have to help us at all.

Strangers who do something which just makes a moment of our life more pleasant or easier to bare.

When Fred's car skidded on the skimmed milk, overturned and ended up in a field there was the lovely considerate couple living beside that field who took him in to wait in their home while they contacted me and the police for him.  Fortunately he did not need an ambulance in 4 Accidents & a ...(pt3)

When Jonathan (6/7 years old) froze at the top of the moving stairs in the Main Shopping Centre in our city where I already had the pram containing Linda on the step that was starting to move & Daniel holding unto the pram; what could I do?
A kind lady coming behind me just said she would stay with Jonathan until I could get down and then up the other escalator again to get back to our oldest son who was developing a fear of heights.
It's not an easy thing to hold unto a pram and another child on moving stairs as you stand twisted round looking up at your son praying he will be okay with a stranger.
I was thankful to that woman who obviously felt compassionately towards our family.

Then there are the group of people I did not know and it may be said, still do not know in real life.
They are bloggers in a special Blogging Group who are always ready to answer questions myself and others have, ready to support and advise in situations where others have not been so nice.

I do not know the backgrounds, religion, politics of any of these people 
but I know how they react to others with 
consideration, help and kindness.

Where do we stand in acts of kindness?

Are we just there for our family?
Are we there for our friends?

Perhaps we are also there for the people in our church that need help.
Perhaps we would be there for the people who live in our street.


Are we there for the people we are suddenly next to in the shopping Centre?

Or the people who for some strange reason end up in our neighbourhood?

Or the people we don't even get to meet?

Why should we show care to people we don't even know?


Photo Credit: Bigstock Images