Memorizing the Bible - Psalm 119 v 11

I could never do it!

          Do what?

Memorize a chapter of one of the Books of the Bible!

          Yeah that's not so easy,  BUT  you can learn a verse of the Bible.

Let's look at a verse from one of the largest books of the Old Testament.

Many people think they could never manage to memorize a whole Psalm or a whole chapter of Scripture.

It is a rather daunting challenge especially if you have never learned any scripture before.

So we of course are not going to attempt to learn the whole book of Psalms or the whole of one Psalm but we will take on the very simple one verse which is 
Psalm 119 v 11 

"Thy Word have I hid in my heart, 
that I might not sin against thee."

So in memorizing this verse we will look at 4 things:
  • Memorising Tips
  • Bible Verse Graphics
  • Some Freebies to help you.

Memorising Tips
If you read the Top 10 Ways to Learn Scripture you will see that I give 10 tips to help in this process but we don't have to use all 10 of them on each verse - just the ones that suit best with the verse.

For Psalm 119 v 11 I'm going to advise using tips 2, 5, 8, & 9 

2.  Write out the verse several times.

Why?  Because the action of  WRITING  helps us learn anything.

The first line below can be written on one line of a page and the last line on the following line.

So you are writing it in two halves just as you would read it when you see it this way because it comes naturally to the ear with the similar rhythm to each line.

"Thy Word have I hid in my heart, 
that I might not sin against thee."

5.  Instruction and the reason why it is good advice.

When we instruct or teach or tell someone (or in this case ourselves) the way to do something or what is good for someone or ourselves we normally give an explanation of why this is a good instruction or teaching or we give the result that has been seen in the past.

The instruction or recommendation here is about hiding God's Word in our hearts which can in one simple way just mean memorizing it but also means to understand it and know it.

The reason why is clearly to be an aid in helping us not to sin.

So if a verse has an instruction or piece of advice it mostly will have the reason why it is a good instruction or good advice and they go hand in hand so we have another help in the memorization process.

8.  Make it easy to see the verse clearly and regularly each day.

This could be by having a bookmark at the verse in your Bible 


we cannot have our Bible at hand every moment of the day so if you feel you need frequent readings of the verse like pop-up reminders then do the following:

Get a post-it pad and write the verse out clearly on it then tear off the post-it and stick it on
  • the mirror you will use first thing each morning and last thing each night
  • the front cover of your Bible
  • the front cover of the book you are currently reading
  • the door of the fridge
  • the inside of the door of the cupboard where you go to get your favourite mug for that cup of coffee

9.  Make or use Bible Verse Graphics 

The picture of Psalm 119 v 11 near the start of this post is an example of a Bible Verse Graphic.

A picture with the words written on it clearly.
By making these yourself you will learn as you create them.


by using ones made for you that you keep close to hand
(see my freebies)

I post a Bible verse graphic every morning on my
so if you want to be encouraged by a verse each day or have a graphic you can Share to your timeline or Save in Facebook then click through to my Facebook Page and be sure to like and follow the page to see those graphics in your feed each day.

or Colouring Pages

While colouring in a Bible Verse Page you will be spending time around the words and this also helps to learn the verse.

or Word Search Puzzles

While searching for the words of a verse in a puzzle you will be spending time around the words and this also helps to learn the verse.
(see my freebies)

or Phone Screensavers / Wallpaper

What better use of your phone - to keep that verse in front of you each time you go to check your messages.

For this you will need it to be a suitable portrait shape and size so most of the normal verse graphics you see will not suit.

I have a few verses made out for screen savers & you can download them from

I've also prepared a playlist of Short Songs to memorize Scripture on YouTube:

Some Freebies to help you.

For today's verse to help you memorize I have

  • Bible Verse Graphics

  • Word Search Puzzle

each of which can be downloaded HERE 

Don't forget 
that many of my other posts on the blog have bible verse graphics and many of these are also available as free downloads in my

also that's where you will find the phone screen savers for some verses.


Psalm 119 v 11 - Free Word Search Puzzle - Coffee & Conversation

The Theme for this Word Search is

Psalm 119 v 11

I'm offering this Word Search as one of my assortment of free printables which can be found in my Resource Library

Psalm 119 v 11 Word Search

It includes 22 words which make up this verse and the reference.

Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee

Psalm one hundred and nineteen verse eleven

The Word Search is available to download in both A4 and Letter size and of course comes with an answer sheet.

If you are interested in other Word Search Printables or other Free Printables you can find a list of all of them in our Resource Library

Have you downloaded this Free Psalm 119 v 11 Word Search yet?

Some Other Word Search Puzzle
Free Printables

Or pin this pic below to come back later

5 Best Quotes on Relationships - Coffee & Conversation

Here is my choice for the 
5 Best Quotes on the subject of Relationships

I am not a fan of QUOTES

In fact sometimes I get very annoyed at how people almost treat a quote
 as more important than the 
Word of God

I actually wrote a blog post about Do We Really Need This Quote?

However I do see that there are certain topics that there are some great quotes on from some very reliable people. This month I'm thinking about Relationships so let's get encouraged with some quotes around this.

There are many quotes from so many people on the subject of Relationships with God and with others but I prefer to only refer to or recommend ones from people who I trust as standing firm on the Word of God.

So in the list below I will quote

NOT  Rick Warren   but   Tim Keller

 NOT  Watchman Nee   but   Warren Wiersbe

NOT  Kay Arthur  but   J.C. Ryle

1.  J.C. Ryle

"But depend on it, bad company in this life, is the sure way to procure worse company in the life to come."

2.  Tim Keller

"Two things we want so desperately, glory and relationship, can coexist only in God."

3.  Randy Alcorn

"Countless mistakes in marriage, parenting, ministry, and other relationships are failures to balance grace and truth.  Sometimes we neglect both.  Often we choose one over the other."

Have you read the 5 Best Quotes on Relationships?

4.  C.S. Lewis

"Do not waste time bothering whether you "love" your neighbour; act as if you did."

5.  Warren Wiersbe

   "We may not be able to prevent other people from being our enemies, but we can prevent ourselves from being enemies toward others."   


 Don't forget to download our

                      Relationship Quotes Free Printable

Plus why not have a look at the other Free resources in our


Christian songs for Kids - Love One Another like Sister & Brother

Do you find it hard to get visuals and recordings for different kids songs?

I have always found this a problem so I am now sharing songs that I have used with children providing you with 

Powerpoint or Picture 
or details of how you can make one 

Chords also available

mp3 or video to learn the song 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.   

This month I am taking the theme of


It is very important that our children grow up knowing about the Love of God from an early age and also the command of God that we should all love one another because God loves us.

The song I have chosen is 

 Love One Another like Sister & Brother

Not exactly sure where I first learnt this one but I do know I have been teaching it to children for many years.

It has an easy, catchy tune and very simple actions

The song teaches children that they should love everyone like family and the reason we need to do this is because God wants us to live together in love and care about each other and we learn how to love others from the way He loves us.


Some years ago I started to make Powerpoint Presentations of the many Kids songs I would sing with Kids in church, Sunday School and in Schools and then more recently Fred & I have been making videos using the graphics I had previously used or upgrades of them.

These are the pictures from the Powerpoint Presentation for Love One Another Like Sister & Brother

These can be printed out on cards (A4 or Letter size) and using this type of visual gives me the opportunity to involve 2 children in holding up the cards or I can hold one in each hand.

Download them HERE


Love One Another Like Sister and Brother

Love one another like sister and brother
Cause that's the way it should be
Love one another like sister and brother
Cause that's the way it should be

Cause God loves you
And I love you 
And that's the way it should be
God loves you
And I love you 
And that's the way it should be

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar and piano 


Love one another   -   hands held on heart
like sister and brother   -   point around
Cause that's the way it should be   -   clapping
Love one another   -   hands held on heart
like sister and brother   -   point around
Cause that's the way it should be   -   clapping

Cause God   -  point up
loves   -   hands held on heart
you   -   point outward
And I   
point to self
love   -   hands held on heart 
you   -   point outward
And that's the way it should be   -   clapping
God   -  point up
loves   -   hands held on heart
you   -   point outward
And I   
-  point to self
love   -   hands held on heart 
you   -   point outward
And that's the way it should be   -   clapping


I can not find any recordings of this song other than the video that Fred and I made recently which you can watch below:

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.

Free Printables - Songs for kids - Love One Another like Sister & Brother

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