I am Petite! Who Cares? - A Dose of Encouragement

Yes. I am Petite!

That does not mean I take size 10 (UK) or below and it maddens me when people use petite in this way.

I am petite because I am smaller than 5' 3".

In fact I am not quite 5' 1"

I do need clothes that are the right length and in the right proportion but it can be very hard to find these even in the small sizes but much harder in sizes over 12. Then we also have to put up with a more old-fashioned look for the petites in those sizes.

When we lived in America I found a lovely shop called "Petite Sophisticate" and I just adored the clothes from there. But there was another problem and that is: Why should we have to pay more money for items that actually have less material in them than "normal" items?

My husband is almost 6' tall so there is a bit of a difference between the two of us. Even so when we had our first son I prayed that he would not be short like me but taller like his dad. 2 years later we had another son and I prayed that he would be tall as well. 3 years after that we had our daughter and I prayed that she would not take after me.

God answered my prayers and our oldest boy is almost as tall as his dad, the second boy is taller than his dad at around 6' 3" (sometimes we joke that I prayed too hard for him) and our daughter is about 5 inches taller than me. My sister used to joke that I needed a stepladder to kiss Fred (my husband) but that's not really a joke when it comes to Daniel (son no.2) and he normally ends up with a kiss on the neck instead of on the cheek.

So I was back to the petite clothing problem when my son Daniel was getting married and I needed an outfit.

I really needed a petite outfit.

Another thing that often goes hand in hand with someone being petite is the attitude of others towards them.

We get lots of remarks about our height.

"Gosh you are small!"

I know I am, do they think they are the first to have noticed?

"You'd better stand in front for the photo or you won't be seen."

I know I have to stand in front, do they think this has never happened to me before?

I normally look at my husband Fred in one of these "height challenged" moments and he smiles just the right way to show he has noticed and he knows how I feel. If he's near enough there will be the squeeze of my hand or a wee stroke on my neck.
Fred can do something just between us that makes me feel cared for in situations where others don't take time to think how I might feel.

Often people don't stop to think how we feel.

So looking for a special outfit is not an excitement for me but can be a dread because of the lack of choice and the way I may be treated.

I know I can't dwell on the fact that others aren't thoughtful or considerate all the time and I know that there are probably times when I don't stop and think to be as considerate as I possibly can.

There is only one person who cares about us all enough to know how we feel and what we need and that is the God.

When I see my husband being so thoughtful and understanding of what hurts me then I see something of the example of Christ and this is the way it is in a marriage. The husband is to love his wife just as Christ loves the church and this means being protected, provided for and cared for giving us security in our relationship.

So obviously when we see a good example of this in a marriage it helps us to remember the security we have in Christ even when we tend to temporarily forget His promises.

Of course this is another good reason to read some of the Word of God each day to be constantly reminded of how much Christ cares for us, enough to die in our place when we did not deserve His love.

Doesn't that make us feel cared for, loved and protected?

Doesn't that make us want to be part of His family?

Doesn't that lift us when others put us down?

Doesn't that bring us joy?

People don't stop to think how we feel. Who Cares?

Saw this riddle for the word PETITE
and I just wish it were true 

but it makes me smile anyway.

Well what about that outfit I had to get for Daniel's Wedding?

You can read all about that at What Will I Wear?


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  1. I understand the petite problem. Although I am 5' 4" I need petite for the length and cut around the waist. When I was laid up in house and couldn't shop, I purchased some cute dresses on line (Internet). Not sure if that would work for you in your location. I am no longer laid up, Thank God. Children often get their height from grandparents. Your children are just the right height, and so are YOU. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. Totally agree and understand the petite problem. I am 5' 2" it can be hard to find the perfect fit. Thank you for your encouraging posts.

  3. I constantly struggle to find a special way to let people know I care. I had not considered identifying someone's height as such a challenge. THanks, I think that can help me show people I care about them. :)

  4. I am 5’3” so I’m at that awkward height where sometimes I need “short” jeans & other times I don’t. Makes it annoying to shop because I have to try on everything every single time!


  5. It is true that sometimes I will say, "Gosh, she's tiny." Usually it is because it is the first time I am really noticing someone ~ not that it is meant to hurt someone. I said it yesterday about an actress I see on television who wears tall heels in a Hyatt or Marriott commercial. She IS tiny and actually many popular actors are. Others aren't. :) Funny that I usually think of everyone as my own height (5'7") and it's rare that I even think about height until it strikes me, like you have had happen to you.

    And I am sorry that it hurts you. <3 But you are right, God understands those hurts and is there for us to cry on when we need him. <3 Pinned a couple of photos for you to my Faith and Sweet Sayings boards for you.

    Happy wintertime to you and keep warm over there! When you get to Kings Cross Station, eat a Cornish pastie for me. <3
    Barb :)

  6. oh girl! I feel your pain. I am also 5'2"ish. And I love the Petite Sophisticate and have wondered why the cost should be greater. crazy

  7. People often do not think of how others may take their comments. That happened with a salesman today. I felt insulted and walked away. There's a good lesson in there - for sure.

    I grew up in a country where I was the one who was taller than all my classmates and it was much the same for me but on the other side of the coin.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. I am not petite, but have an exercise 4'11". I also have a niece who is 6'2". I think either way, it is difficult, because you do stand out (not meant in fun). God created all of us, and some he chose to be a light in a different way. God bless you!

  9. Wow, guilty as described. I have a friend that I used to tease relentlessly. She’s 4’11”. Although, it was in jest, that probably wouldn’t work with someone else with whom I had no relationship.

    Great post!

  10. Very interesting and encouraging words. I wear childrens-size shoes, so I can relate!