WHAT WILL I WEAR????? - Coffee & Conversation

Our son's wedding was a few months away, so for me the big question was

What will I wear?

Having already been through (for our kids alone)

4 graduations

3 baptisms

1 ordination as a pastor

1 ordination as a teacher in the church

 -  I have learned that there are important things that have to be dealt with so that your children approve of your outfit.

Short or long?

Hat or no hat?
(Definitely YES to a Cambridge Graduation!)

Hat or Fascinator?

Can I wear Trousers?
(Definitely NO to a Cambridge Graduation!)

Do I have to wear high heels?

What colour?

Who not to clash with?

Who to tone in with?

What jewellery with the outfit?

Oh I'm tired already just thinking about it before I start to talk about it, 


I think I need a coffee!

I'm not a fashion conscious person really!

My main problem is I am petite.   See a Previous Post HERE

Most places either
  • do not do petite 
  • have a very small selection 
  • only have more old fashioned outfits in petites
  • think that all petite people have to be thin 

so I hate having to look for something for particular events.

Also as Mother of the Groom:

First thing you know is you don't wear white, ivory or cream;  that is just too close to what your future daughter-in-law will be wearing and it is her big day so she should stand out.

Secondly once you know the colour of the bridesmaids you need to avoid colours too similar and other colours that would clash with it.

Third thing is you don't go strapless;  unless you have a jacket to go on top.
It is one thing having a young bride with bare shoulders but another thing completely to have an older mother-in-law with bare shoulders.

So after you have dealt with those 3 priorities there is then the wait to hear that the bride's mother has got her outfit and find out the colour so that you don't pick the same colour or something that will clash with it also.

Okay so all of that has probably involved numerous cups of coffee and that hasn't helped the effort to lose that weight you had been trying to lose from even before they got engaged but are still having to work hard on.

Then you start looking seriously for your outfit and you want to have it well in advance in case you need to have any alterations made once you lose all that weight you are working on.


You see something you think you like but immediately you start thinking -

 will it please everyone else as well???...


  1. Hi Sandra, our son is getting married April 20, 2016 so I know your dilemma. Jeremy and Brittany are huge Denver Bronco fans and their colors are orange and blue so those are the wedding colors. I have a gorgeous dress with beaded top that I have had for many years and it is quite beautiful still. It is timeless, classic and navy blue. Now about my! I wish you the very best. There are lots of styles out there and when our oldest daughter married in 2000 I had a comfy formal dress and I do not recommend dresses with too much fru fru to have to tug and pull and such! I did ask the bride what she would like the mothers to wear so that is a help too. My husbands sister tried to outshine the bride, her own daughter several years ago wearing a stunning white gown. Wow! I was dumbfounded. The brides big day and someone wants to trump her and your own mother at that! Yikes! So I try to be low key. I am at an age where I do please me first because I am way too old to take too much hassle from anyone!
    Best wishes with your choices and let us know what you decide on. Take care. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. wear green is always my option.
    yet I often wear silver, blue, white, and black.

  3. Taking into consideration white, the bridesmaids' color, and the mama's color (though does it really matter if you're wearing the same?), I say go with what you like and feel comfortable in. Myself, if I'm not comfortable in what I'm wearing, I don't have much fun. Okay, now I shall go to part 2 to see what you decided.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  4. I chuckled reading this. So many decisions 😂 Best of luck on decision making!