Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I have a small post-it sticking to the bottom left hand corner of the second computer screen in my study.

Just as a reminder any time I feel like a snack.

You see little snacks like an aero biscuit, small fudge bar, breakaway etc. are all around 100 calories and if I succumb to one of these then it would take me 2,000 steps to burn it off.

This little Post-it reminds me of how many steps it will take to burn off 100 calories.

Even little tubs of ice-cream and mousses from Weight Watchers are around the same amount of calories so again I would need to walk 2,000 steps to burn those off.

This little Post-it keeps me motivated.

I like to read & at the same time walk around my kitchen which I'm very thankful is long enough to do this and not be going round in circles and getting dizzy 
(which can happen to me easily and then set off my vertigo).  

So one day I thought I should just work out how long it takes to walk 2,000 steps to burn off my 100 calories.

This is what I found

100 steps takes 1 min
200 steps would take 2 mins
2000 steps would take 2 x 10 = 20 mins

provided I don't get interrupted or get tired of walking or come to the end of a chapter (when I often think I should now go do some housework  -  this doesn't actually make me stop too often) .

So just think  20 mins of walking to get rid of those calories you ate in that little snack.

Of course you could do it in 15 mins if you walk very briskly but I don't want to do that while I'm reading.

I am always hearing/seeing/reading that we should walk 10,000 steps per day just to keep at our present weight.

So for me

That would be 20 x 5 = 100 mins of walking every day

I'm trying to do 12,000 steps a day plus some exercise because I want to continue to gradually lose weight.

So every day I would need to spend 20 x 6 = 120 mins walking

That is 2 whole hours taken up walking every day

This little Post-it keeps me motivated.

The Big Question then is   -   Is it Worth it?

You see I use this time each day to read my bible and other Christian novels and uplifting books.


I say YES!

And a very cheap form of exercise too!


Would you say YES?

Maybe you would like to start walking too?  and reading?

Or maybe you have a very important post-it too?


  1. I like your thinking. Everyone has to find things that work for them. I have work that includes walking around 4hrs per day. I've checked the kms and steps, a typical day is around 8 kms. It also includes some bending stretching etc. So I figure I get paid to exercise and I benefit double.

  2. That is great. I could be doing with a more active lifestyle all round.

  3. That's exactly the problem: finding the time! And it's not just that: I don't enjoy walking unless I'm walking with someone so we can have a nice chat, and it's hard to find someone who can take two hours off at the same time I can...

    1. I understand exactly, that's why I'm combining walking and reading (outside when the weather is ok, but I live in Northern Ireland so it will mostly be inside for now) and I do it for a couple of chapters and in between all the other sedentary parts of my day. Would listening to music help to get you going and walking in between other tasks?

  4. I walk a lot and drink tons of water to keep my current weight. It works great so far! I actually cannot walk slowly, so brisk is the way to go for me, which is good news because I can make those steps in shorter time :)
    Thanks for bringing awareness, so important Sandra!

  5. Hi Delia, isn't it great that it is so simple to walk or step at practically any time of the day and when I'm not reading, it's a great time for thinking. Thanks for looking in.

  6. Hi Sandra! Thanks for linking up to tips and tricks! I needed to read this today b/c I get discouraged that I do not get enough exercise, but I DO walk around a lot during the day taking care of the kids and cleaning house! :) Hope to see you again at Tips and Tricks tomorrow. :)

    1. Hi Gina, I'm sure you get a lot of walking round the house done with the kids and housework, just add in walking around the kitchen table twice instead of once when you are going to get something out of that drawer on the other side of the table, it all mounts up.

  7. What a great idea to have reminders. I discovered that running up and down my stairs burns off the calories much quicker than the walking - 3 minutes is one bag of crisps. Thank you for sharing on Motivational Monday.

  8. When its broken down that way, the snack is not looking so attractive. My walk to school and back would burn off a small snack. There is a fair amount of walking during my day, so I probably do burn a few snacks off, but maybe I should look at the fruit bowl a little more! Very thought provoking. #MotivationalMonday

  9. I love this. I work at a call center and sit in a chair for 10 hours a day for 4 days a week.It is super hard for me to find the time to actually get up and move around. Maybe I will start looking and seeing if there is anything else I can do during the day to help with the "chair"potatoness that I call my job.

  10. Nice motivational daughter finally talked me into using a pedometer so I could track my goal is 10,000 a day which I usually meet except for rainy days....but I still love to eat chocolate with a big glass of milk so my weight has pretty much stayed the same♪

  11. I love walking out in my pasture (and pretty sure the hills add to the calories burned), but my foot surgery has really curtailed my walking this year. I can't wait for next spring to get back out there regularly!

  12. I walk at my Wellness Center. I am trying to restart my weight loss after taking the summer off. Thanks for sharing.