The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Book Review

I am trying to read through the novels of Agatha Christie in the order in which they were written and write a review on each one.


The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. 


A Poirot Mystery.

Shelfari Description

He knew the woman he loved had poisoned her first husband. He knew someone was blackmailing her - and now he knew she had taken her own life with a drug overdose.
Soon the evening post would let him know who the mystery blackmailer was. But Ackroyd was dead before he'd finished reading it - stabbed through the neck where he sat in his study...
Agatha Christie mysteries seem quaint today, relics of a bygone day. But when her books were new, she was a trailblazer, and never more so than in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Her twist ending shocked and even angered her readers -- I won't tell you why -- and even today may still have the power to startle.
Hercule Poirot is retired to the country, but when his wealthy neighbour is found murdered, he can't resist stepping in to help the police. The local doctor takes the place of usual loyal sidekick Hastings, helping Poirot investigate and recording all the facts of the case, like Dr. Watson recording Holmes' adventures. The mystery winds through estranged stepsons, secret marriages, and blackmailers, and even now still has a whiff of controversy over the resolution.

My Thoughts

This is the seventh book by Agatha Christie and the fourth for her sleuth Hercule Poirot.

I read this over a week while travelling. A few chapters at a time and each time looking forward to picking it up again for the next session.

Such a difference from the last one The Secret of Chimneys when I found it hard to remember the characters - here this was never a problem and I think there were more characters to actually remember in this one.

Was it the fact that Poirot was the detective again - am I so biased towards him? I don't think so. I think this book is so cleverly written and of course from having read it years ago I did remember who the murderer was simply because it was rather unique (not quite a spoiler but getting there!) but I really did enjoy the way it was written.

Yes I remembered the murderer, but the reason and part of the means of the crime had long since escaped from my mind.

I would say that this one could stand up against any of the more modern murder mysteries and is based on a motive that could be found in this day and age too, so anyone saying that Dame Agatha was for a different age is in my opinion completely incorrect.

This is one of those books that everyone should read even if they are not Christie fans because it's probably her most famously clever one.


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