The Greatest Photobomb! - A Dose of Encouragement

Why is it when we are watching the news on television on an outdoor broadcast and someone walks behind the presenter or runs up and waves or makes silly faces we think they are so rude but when someone photobombs a pic we enjoy a good laugh?

The answer - I have no idea except that I know I am exactly like that.

Yes I think one is rude and the other can be comic genius.

A photograph that has been spoiled by the unexpected appearance of an unintended subject in the camera's field of view as the picture was taken

This was the original definition and remains the official definition but the way things are now means that the attitude towards these pictures are changing.

Well I was looking for the greatest photobomb but I did not have too many to look at.

A friend in England sent me one

Not bad and we wouldn't think he was rude would we?

The way I might look at it is

 He's just a friendly guy waving in the background.

But how would the girls view it?

To them the photo is more personal.
It would be fine if they discovered what had happened immediately and were able to take another one but what if they had only taken this one picture and then noticed him later?

I just hope that it was not the first and last time these girls will have a picture taken together or they may be annoyed at the photobomber.

So is it the intruder to the picture that makes it good or bad?

Or is it the attitude of the subjects of the picture or the viewers?

Then of course we have one from our son's wedding reception which I featured in an earlier blog post I Love My Family.   Daniel and his new wife Suzie were taking a selfie along with our daughter Linda and our oldest son Jonathan came along and threw himself into the photo behind them.

Did anyone get annoyed over this?
No way we all think it is one of the best photos of the day.

That's the view of everyone who sees it and in fact many would not even realise it was a photobomb.

Well I suppose some of you are saying what is wrong with her we all know what the greatest photobomb is, it's the one with the seal.

The one with the seal?

Yes the one with the seal who pops his head into the corner of a picture being taken of penguins.

You know the one that was all over the internet some time ago.

I just loved it, even though there is mass speculation that it is a photoshopped seal!!!

Taken from the internet where credit does not seem to have be given to anyone and if you do know who was responsible please let me know and I will credit it accordingly.

So is it the greatest?

Well it could be a tie between it and another photobomb that happened at that very same wedding.

Yes at the same wedding but this one was actually in the church!

Daniel and Suzie were posing for photos after signing the register and not one but two people decided to photobomb the picture.

Again it involved a family member.
Not Daniel's brother this time but his cousin Glen.

And the other one was Suzie's best friend Ashleigh.

Now to make matters worse Glen was the best man and the Ashley was the bridesmaid.

It was a spur of the moment thing but you would think it was planned because it was so good.

Just look at those faces.

Of course if you knew these two you would understand how something like that could happen because they know Daniel and Suzie so well and they are all full of fun.

How do we decide if the picture is ruined by that extra person popping up where they were not expected or if they have made it a great photobomb.

Who decides?

Who forgives the person for photobombing? 

Or who blames the person for ruining the photo?

We each have to make our own decision on it.
We each have to take responsibility for our own attitudes.

This is just the same as forgiveness in other matters.
We make the decision whether to forgive or to blame.

In some cases it is our perception or conclusion that the person is to blame for the outcome, we see the incident as something directed at us and focus on how it has hurt us.

In some cases it is really obvious that the person is definitely to blame for the outcome, they deliberately did the act that spoilt something of ours.

God's word does not have advice for different scenarios it only has advice 
on how we should forgive.

It is our attitude that God points us to.

It is up to us to make the decision to forgive.

Well now it just remains to make the decision here.

Which is the greatest photobomb?

Let's have a vote on it.

Make your decision and then leave me a comment to tell me your choice.

Which one is it?

The Penguins & the Seal 


The Wedding

You can also tell me if you can make the decision to forgive.


  1. This was awesome. I hadn't seen the one with the penguins and seal, hilarious. But I choose the wedding one where the bride and groom are photobombed. That was great. I was going to share one with you but don't see a way to do that. Ours was at my niece's wedding and my sons, dil and sons' girlfriend were posing for a great picture. Very out of character for him but my brother photo bombs the picture unexpectedly of course and it is a classic. Something my sons would have done to him but not what we expected from my 45 year old brother!

    Last year when we were serving in the country of Estonia, we were expecting the arrival of a friend from the States and while waiting for what seemed like an eternity, watching others arrive, two friends pause for a picture and my 55 year old husband photobombs these girls' picture! He is tall so he is standing right behind them and moved for the first picture but when they took the second one he kind of leans forward, smiles real big and gives the thumbs up signal. Of course they wouldn't see it until later but it was classic genius. Thanks for the memories! Visiting from Women with Intention. ♥

  2. This was quite creative Sandra. Kudos. Although I love weddings especially since God has set what God has joined together let no man put asunder. I like the Penguins. I found myself smiling immediately. As far as Photobombs, it is all in the attitudes.

  3. Well isn't this fun, Sandra! I love penguins, but still, I have to go with the wedding picture - the looks on their faces is so classic - love it!

  4. These are all so fantastic! I was literally laughing out loud through all of it! You HAVE to google photobombed by Jesus. It's just a picture of a beauty queen and there is a painting of Jesus behind them, but it just happened to look just like a photobomb! I love how you tied all of this into our perception of things.

  5. Hmm... not sure I'm a fan of photo bombs. It just seems disrespectful, but then again I grew up in the Romanian culture, which has a lower tolerance of pranks and some of the lines that Americans typically have no problem crossing. Not a bad thing, just part of the beauty of different cultures.

  6. Loved your post - it was just what I needed today for a good belly laugh. I'm sure the wedding photo-bomb will be a family memory. But I will have to say that the seal is my favorite !!!! The happy look on the seals face is priceless !!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Fun post! I've seen the seal before and since I do think it's Photoshopped on there, I'm going with the wedding as the winner of your contest!

  8. There is SO much we can tie attitude to! Our response should be driven by Christ - shouldn't it?! And I vote for the seal - though the joy on the faces at the wedding are priceless. Visiting from Holley Gerth :)

  9. I get a kick out of photobombs. They're just fun. And if you catch it right away, you can take another picture the way you like. A sense of humor makes forgiveness easier. I vote for the seal!

  10. I definitely think that the seal one is a fake. It's just too perfect. If it's real it's absolutely amazing! I love the photobomb of the bridesmaid and groomsman!

  11. What a lovely post - I love how you've taken something that's a hot topic (photobombs) and not only applied it to your own life but found a lesson in it. That's masterful writing. As far as the best photobomb of all time, the seal is funny, and your wedding shot is hilarious - but I have to vote for the squirrel!

  12. Definitely the wedding one. I also think the seal one is fake, the seal just doesn't "fit" right in the photo. It looks photoshopped to me.

    I think photobombs can be hilarious, but I also think they can be rude. There's a time and place for all pranks. I don't think you should EVER photobomb a stranger.

  13. I love a good photobomb. The one with the seal and penguins is a classic. It's somehow especially funnier when animals do it.

    Hello from the SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup.

  14. Both are awesome photobombs! Thanks for opening the conversation and help us all to think :).

  15. LOVE this post! :) It gave me a smile on a difficult day. My vote goes for the seal photobomb. Love it! Although the other one's really funny too!

  16. If the photos were done by a professional, I am sure they took another one of just the bride and groom. Many years ago, I was blamed big time, when I ruined a fiftieth Wedding Anniversary photo of my Grandparents. Way in the background I walked drinking a bottle of soda. My Uncles, said, Bryce, that looks like one of yours. Dad was very embarrassed and so was I. Thank you for sharing your awesine post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."

  17. Sorry but I think the seal wins best photo bomb! So cute! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup. Pinned to our linkup board and hope you join us again this weekend.

  18. The penguins and seals are to cute :P. Great post! Thank you for sharing at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party!

  19. I loved this post. The seal and penguins are so funny and I loved the wedding photos.

  20. fun post!
    I have to vote for the wedding. There is the symbolism of fun in it. May the lives of the couple be full of fun, laughter and a sense of adventure. May there always be supportive loved ones to share in the adventure.

  21. Another great post, sweet lady.

    For me, it is the penguin.

    I've been guilty of photo bombing totally on accident because I'm off in la la land.

    Thanks for linking to the letter G.


  22. Life is too short. Forgive!