Have We Got Your Attention? - 31 Days in Acts

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After yesterday's first 10 verses of chapter 3 can there be anything today in verses 11 - 26

              catch our attention,

                         speak the truth


                                   leave us in wonder and amazement?

Well yes

 immediately everyone's attention is definitely got in verse 11

which gives Peter a perfect opportunity in verse 12

to start to link the God the Jews served with Jesus the Messiah whom they had rejected and killed,   and on to the Good News that God raised Him from the dead in verses 13 - 15.

verse 16
Linking this miracle to the Name of Jesus and the faith we can have in His Name in verse 16.

verses 17 - 19
Showing them that it is not too late because even though they made a mistake in their treatment of the Lord Jesus they can still repent, be converted and have their sins forgiven.

The gospel in a concise manner you might say but truthfully the Gospel clearly presented and the name of Jesus glorified.

Could Peter do anything better than to point people to Jesus
and honour His Name?

Can we do anything better than to point people to Jesus and honour His Name?

verses 20 - 26
Throughout their history the plan was always for Jesus to bless them in making the way for them to turn from their sins and be truly united with God.

I believe from this example and other passages of scripture that we know Peter & John never missed an opportunity to draw the attention of people to Jesus whether by words or by deeds.
Often today we miss the opportunities God brings our way and do not bring Jesus in as the focus of attention.

Let's be encouraged by this passage and be ready to get the attention of others and direct it to Jesus.

Can we do anything better than to point people to Jesus and honour His Name?

If you feel unsure about how to share the Gospel have a look at the 3 2 1 video on my sidebar.

I'm trying to read and write about the Book of Acts for 31 Days so please come back and join me for some notes & some thoughts each day. 

As the month goes on each Day's Link will be added in 

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