Empowering People's Lives - 31 Days in Acts

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Day 27 and we are more than halfway through the book of Acts.

Yesterday we reached chapter 16 but just concentrated on one verse (Acts ch. 16 v. 31) and talked about how we need to  Believe in the Right Thing.

Today we are looking at two people we meet for the first time.

Timothy  (verses 1 - 5)

  • Paul met him when he and Silas came to Derbe and Lystra.
  • He is referred to as a disciple. 
  • His mother is a Jewish believer.
  • His father is Greek.
  • There is a good report given of him by the believers in Lystra and Iconium.
  • Paul wanted him to travel on with him and Silas.
  • Paul had Timothy circumcised.

Lydia   (verses 11 - 15)

  • Paul meets her in Philippi.
  • She was a seller of purple cloth. 
  • She was from Thyatira.
  • She worshipped God.
  • She met Paul at a prayer meeting.
  • She listened to Paul speaking.
  • She and her household were baptized.
  • She persuaded Paul, Silas and Timothy to go and stay at her home.

Two believers of different backgrounds, genders and ages.

Both believers and Paul obviously thought highly of each of them.

Looking at the points above this chapter indicates that Timothy was probably young, well-brought up and had been influenced by his mother toward believing in God but because he is described as a disciple it seems that he was devout and wanted to learn more and grow in his faith.  Other believers had taken notice of him and spoken well of him so this would indicate his behaviour, attitude and commitment was good.
Paul obviously trusted Timothy and saw good potential in him because he wanted to take him on with them in their journey.
Paul decided that Timothy should be circumcised which may seem strange due to the decisions made in the previous chapter about the circumcising of Gentiles not being necessary when they became believers.  However although Timothy's father was Greek, his mother was a Jewish believer and hence Timothy was probably considered a Jew who would be travelling with Jews.  Or perhaps there was another explanation but obviously not important for us to know exactly why.

Not all believers are the same, we are all unique.

From what we read about Lydia we see that she was an older woman who had her own business and purple was a colour reserved more for a regal or well-to-do society.  
It states that Lydia worshipped God which reminds us of Day ??  chapter ?? where we read about Cornelius because he was described in a similar way.  As with him and now with Lydia they both needed to meet with someone who could teach them more about following Jesus and influencing their whole household to the full message of the Gospel.  Then we see she was obedient to this message and they were baptized.
She was hospitable and willing to open her home to 3 people to come and not only have a meal but to stay there.

Looking back now to verses 6 - 10 which come between these two meetings with Timothy and Lydia, we see what happened between the two encounters.
Apparently they had hoped to go to preach the Word in Asia but The Holy Spirit stepped in to change their plans.  Instead Paul then had a vision where their new destination was revealed, Macedonia.

“Come over to Macedonia and help us.” 10 Now after he had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them.

So we can see that meeting up with certain people was done by the leading of The Holy Spirit and not just a casual happening.  God can still lead us to people today even though we may not recognize that happening.

We all need to come to know God and follow Him and let the message of the Gospel empower our lives.

The main thing to see about these two encounters is that even though we are all different and unique we all need to come to know God and follow Him and let the message of the Gospel empower our lives.

Tomorrow we will continue in chapter 16 and see more about why that call came for Paul to go to Macedonia.

I'm trying to read and write about the Book of Acts for 31 Days so please come back and join me for some notes & some thoughts each day. 

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