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You Can Face It! Yes, You can! - A Dose of Encouragement

You Can Face It!

   Do you know that?

Yes, whatever it is - You can face it!

Yes, wherever you are  -  You can face it!

Yes, whenever it may happen  -  You can face it!

Yes, even when you think you are on your own  -  You can face it!

At some time or another we all need this type of encouragement.

No matter what the circumstance,

              or the location,

                            or the time frame,

                                          or the loneliness we feel,

                                                        we need to remember that

                                                                                                       we can face it all!


Yes with God on our side we can face it all.

With God we don't have to worry or be afraid that we are incapable of overcoming or even meeting whatever lies ahead because He will meet it with us and He is the True Overcomer.

He's the One who can move mountains.

He's the One who can calm seas.

He's the One who can heal.

He's the One who can give life.

He's the One who can whisper comfort in the storm of life.

If you have met with your Saviour and have that personal trusting relationship with Him where you have handed over your life and asked for forgiveness then

You can Face it! Yes, You Can!

because He is with you, Yes He is with you all the way!

It's a promise and He can keep that promise because of  WHO He IS!

Yes it's not about us  -  It's all about HIM.

because He said

So say it today and believe it

I Can Face It!  -  Yes, I Can!


Christian Songs for Kids - No Never Alone

Do you find it hard to get visuals and recordings for different kids songs?

I have always found this a problem so I am now sharing songs that I have used with children providing you with

(Powerpoint or Picture or details of how you can make one) 

(chords also available)

(mp3 or video to learn the song) 

Then if you would like to download the visual of the song there will be a link provided to my creation, or I will direct you to where else you can find it.   

This month I am taking the theme of

The Promises of God

The song I have chosen is 

No Never Alone

This is another song that is so very simple but so full of the truth and tells of the comfort God
promised us.

I like to use this song when teaching on Joshua as it ties is well with Joshua 1 v 9 and can be used to to reinforce that as a Memory Verse.

It is also one I would use when teaching on How much God cares for us or not being afraid because God will never leave us.

This is actually the chorus of a hymn and is based on
Matthew 28:20 and Hebrews 13:5

POWERPOINT  (for Projection)

POWERPOINT  (for Printing A4)

To Download a copy of this visual for printing on A4 Card  or  Letter size  


No Never Alone

No never alone
No never alone
He promised never to leave me
Never to leave me alone.
No never alone
No never alone
He promised never to leave me
Never to leave me alone.

To Download a copy of these words with chords for guitar and piano 


Waving your forefinger in front of your face in time to the music
for first two lines
Pointing & looking upwards, then pointing to self
third & fourth line


RECORDING  ???????????????????????


I believe the Words are the chorus of a hymn whose first verse begins with
"I've seen the lightning flashing"   
Author is  Ludie D. Pickett.
More information can be found HERE

I Hope you enjoy the song and this is a help to you.