I Love Lists! - I Need Lists to Organise Everything.

Gosh what a job it is "spring cleaning" or overhauling your bedroom and then what a time consuming job it is to make an inventory of everything in your bedroom.

So the only way I could tackle this properly was to break it down into smaller jobs.

This of course meant LISTS and I love LISTS.

Right so using my Todo list app on the iPad the one I prefer is


Unfortunately a short time ago I discovered there is an update to the app which has brought in a new icon.

This is a simple todo list app which is great for listing all the things you would want to do in your overhaul of a room and then checking them off one by one when you have done them.  It keeps a running total at the top of how many tasks are still to be completed and as you check them off they do not disappear but just go faint.  Then when you have checked off the last task you do not lose your list but get a message asking if you want to start over again.

This is ideal for regular task lists too and I use it for several things like prep list for the Kids Club I help to run, travel lists and I have used it for the list of toiletries I should always have in the Master Bedroom Ensuite (already mentioned in last week's post in this Series).  I also used this app for the "Wedding" Todo List last October for our son's wedding.

There are features like icons that can be applied to each list, streaming of todos by time they are due, reminders, colour co-ordinating, emailing lists etc.  many of which I don't bother to use.

I will now be using it for the "Overhaul" List for each room in the house.

As you can see from the list I had 15 items listed (there is one just off the screen at the bottom - washing all the woodwork) so I was able then to think roughly how long each would take and know how long I'd be working at the bedroom at any one time.  I did most of the tasks in order as I had them listed here (note: changing the order of the tasks is very easy in this app).
Sometimes I did one thing in the day some times I did as many as three of the tasks just depending on what else I needed to do that day or to be honest what else I preferred to do that day.  This meant that although it was a big job it was not so bad broken down into these more manageable tasks.

Of course a Notebook or File (Binder) would do the same job as my app.

Divide the notebook or file (binder) into 4 sections.

1.  Overhauling Rooms
Take a page for each room and list out all the tasks that would be needed to be done in that room

2.  Inventory of Rooms
Count the number of items of furniture in your room and allow a page for each one then add another page. On the page for each piece of furniture you can list your items it contains.
On the extra page you will list all the items on the walls or surfaces and the items which do not contain other things.

3.  Top Up Lists 
Use a page for each type of list of things you would want to top up or list of things that should be always available in the house and then it makes it easier for shopping too.
For example my Ensuite Toiletries list, and I also have lists for travelling such as contents of a toilet bag for short trips and a toilet bag for long trips.

4.  To do Lists
Take a page for each room to make a list of all the things you think about while working in that room.
For example when I was overhauling the Master Bedroom I had 3 boxes of photographs (yes we have many photos from before the digital age) and they are not very well organised so I have decided that I will make time later to properly sort them into smaller boxes to be better organised (throwing out the ones we really do not want) and then make another time for scanning them all unto a hard disc drive.  
This is where you can note down what decorating you want to plan
for the future too.

My top up lists and my To do lists will also be on my POCKET LIST App 


TOP UP LIST - Master Bedroom Ensuite
1.  Toiletries

TOP UP LIST - Master Bedroom
1.  Make-up etc.

TO DO LIST - Master Bedroom Ensuite
1.  Make DIY Toilet Fizzlers     (see how at WhileHeWasNapping ) 

TO DO LIST - Master Bedroom
1.  Redecorate 
2.  New Carpet
3.  Curtain or drape for Velux Window
3.  Sort photos to new smaller boxes
4.  Scan all photos

Now ready to do the end check list for January

Okay (I have to be honest) most of the things are done 
did you notice one thing not done yet?

I did not do the Games Room Window.  
It is a velux window on a room that is not used often at the moment and it is awkward for me to get at.  So my excuse is that my husband Fred was away with work over the last two weeks and I'm waiting for him to come home because he can reach it more easily than I can and I think he won't mind helping out with this.

Is there something we are forgetting?

In an overhaul like this and inventory surely some things need to be moved around or maybe even moved out of the room?

That is exactly what happened.   So.....

I got two baskets one for Fred's things and one for mine.

Anything I thought should not be in this room I put in the basket and then the basket could be taken downstairs and the items put it in their proper place. 

Is everything now out of the baskets?

No way, loads of things still in Fred's basket and some still in mine.

I just have to make sure that he does not slip the things out of his basket and back to the silly places he had them in to start with.

Do you allow me to get away without the window being cleaned?

I cannot say I loved all the work of the bedroom this last week because there was so much but the sense of accomplishment is fantastic, plus knowing that things are in sensible places and the fact that I have a note of everything is worth smiling about and when I'm smiling - I'm HAPPY.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to any of the apps I have mentioned in this post - wish I was!


  1. You are my inspiration! I have so many great intention and so little motivation..... Well, I guess I better be off to makes some of those LISTS you were talking about!!
    Hope you have a happy weekend…… Woot-woot!! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Hi again Crystelle, I hope I can inspire you and others and that you will all hold encourage me to keep at this and be accountable to you all for what I had set out to do this year. I am easily distracted so need the motivation to go forward.

  2. Hi Sandra! I really need to get more organized this year and thank you so much for sharing this at Best of the Weekend! Pinned! Hope you have a happy weekend and a great week!

    1. Thanks for dropping in Cindy, join me and we can encourage each other.

  3. I love lists, but I hate housework...maybe making lists and then checking it off like you're doing would help encourage me! This time of year is great for spring cleaning because the weather's so gross--why not work while you'd rather be inside anyway!? Great tips!

    1. That is exactly how I felt Natalie. I love lists and so I thought I should put everything in lists and keep tasks smaller and I might be able to keep at it . Keep reading and we can encourage each other.

  4. Great job! I need to break down my tasks better. Thanks for the inspiration. I hopped over from A Round Tuit linky.

    1. Hi there, I'm enjoying getting around blogs on the Round Tuit linky. Come back each week and we'll keep up the lists and help each other stay at the tasks.

  5. I did not know about this app. What a great idea, it sure would stop me from procrastinating. Thank you for sharing it on our Four Seasons Blog Hop. Pinning now.

    1. Nice to meet you Shawna, just added you to my circles. Yes, if you are anything like me you will understand when I say I needed this to stop me procrastinating.

  6. Sandra, as always, your wonderful organizing tips inspire me! I'm glad to know about the app- I need to use more of those. I love how you update us on your progress! Thank you for sharing this at Treasure Box Tuesday! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Joy, it is all keeping me accountable and keeping me working each week. I'm too much of a slacker and procrastinator otherwise.

  7. Wow, you are in beastmode, girl! Soon I will be in the throes of "spring cleaning" but I think it will be a more modified one since we are in the process of shifting rooms around, etc. Usually, I like to clean out closets and our storage closet at least once a year, usually twice a year. But since my mom moved into a nursing home (as she needed more care and monitoring than we could give her) and our son got married, we have been busy thinking about those two rooms and what to do with them.

    We have now figured out their purpose but the rooms aren't quite done yet (although one of them almost is). So I really need to put my extra time into getting those done and getting my son to remove the rest of his stuff, lol! He has removed most everything but has one or two boxes left. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

    1. Hi there, I just have to go with all the encouragement I can find and putting it in the blog somehow makes me feel more accountable and spurs me to keep going. Then the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment sets in. Glad you have decided what to do with your rooms but it can be hard just having to deal with the readjustments to our usual routine too.

  8. Thank you for linking up with Motivational Monday -I spent all day overhauling my kitchen this week. I may look into the app yet.

    1. Oh you must be so focused and not at all lazy when you spent a whole day on it, I have to take it in smaller portions or else I'll just suddenly get fed up or tired with it and then not want to start back into it.

  9. Great post! I'm an avid list maker, I pretty much have one for every ro in my house, one for things my partner needs me to do, on e for creative ideas .... It goes on forever!
    Nothing beats ticking of a 'done' ☺️

    1. Yes Jessica, that's the way to do it. Lists, Lists, lists and the cuppas that you can have while making them, well they are often my excuse for a cuppa anyway.

  10. WOW you have inspired me to get moving and start sorting my home out off to make some lists!!!

    stopping by from motivational mondays

    1. Thanks for dropping in Rachel, come back soon and keep making lists.

  11. Love you lists! Thanks for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again next week!