I think I'm turning into my father! - A Dose of Encouragement

I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous:

          how can a girl turn into her father?

Well the thing is I can remember well the times years ago when my father would need to buy something new and we would get annoyed at his choices.

Basically because he hadn't made any new choices.

You see I remember the day my dad came in and showed me a new tie he had bought and I was very bewildered because I was sure that I had seen that same tie often; 

tied around his neck.

I was right he had simply gone out and got himself the exact same tie.

Why had he done that?

Well his response was that the other one had started to fray a little.

Yes, if the tie was fraying then it probably was time to pop it in the bin and maybe even a good reason to go buy another one but not to buy one the same surely.  However my father was very pleased that he had managed to get the same tie.

Then I remember the shoes he liked to buy, & the sweaters; practically the exact same each time. 

When he needed anything he liked to get the same as he had before.  

I'm sure it was a relief to my mum that he was not that interested in buying furniture for the house so she got to go pick that and we did not have something just like the previous one.

There was one main exception; he did not get the same car each time.   But I think that had more to do with the fact that he felt he didn't know as much about cars as my brother-in-law did, so he would take his advice on that issue.

So have you guessed it yet?

Why I say I'm turning into my father?

I love to wear slippers around the house.

As soon as I get home I take off my shoes and on go the slippers. Due to the situation of where we live now and the fact that I am not working, I do spend a lot of time in the house so I have slippers on for many hours each day.

What have I discovered?

In the last 3 years since we moved to this area I have gone to the same shop and bought the same slippers on several occasions.  The last two times I bought two pairs at the same time.  I don't just mean the same style of slippers, or the same make of slippers; I mean the same make, style, pattern and colour (blue of course).

It actually started before we moved here, while we were still living in Belgium.
For the last few years there I had bought the same slippers each time (not the same as here though).  I just got to the stage where when I found a really comfortable pair of slippers at a reasonable price then why go looking for any others. 

And It's not only the slippers.

No it has now progressed to my shoes.  

I discovered a very comfortable pair of black shoes and loved them so much that when I saw them in cream I got a pair of those also.  Since then I have bought 2 more pairs in cream and two more in black.  Hence when I am not wearing my boots you will find me in these cream or black shoes.

Undoubtedly I am turning into my father.

There is one time when I wear a different type of shoe.

On Sundays going to church I wear a more dressy shoe and I do have a variety that I can wear.  But of course as you already know, as soon as I return home from church I won't have the shoes on.

    I'll be in my slippers. 

There is a white top that I just love to wear and have worn it for over 10 years.

This top has v neck short sleeves and has a butterfly design to one side which is made from little diamante things.  It has always been easy to wash and only recently have I found that it is not as easy to get stains out of as it used to be.  I have searched but cannot find the same top - of course I can't when it is so old. 

 I just wish that I had got 2 of these (or even 3) because I would wear it with almost anything.  

Do you not agree that I am turning into my father?

I mentioned this to my sister one evening a few weeks ago and she laughed at me, but then she did agree because she remembered being with me a few years ago when I actually did buy two of the same black top (I knew that it was going to be a good one as soon as I tried it on and I was right).

She also remembered that just that same afternoon I had complained when I was in the shoe shop (the one all those slippers had come from) because I could not see the same slippers and I am down to my last pair - why did I not buy more!

I am worried now that I am not going to be able to get those same ones again.

I suppose we all have to admit that some things are passed down to us from our parents; likes and dislikes, some habits, some distinguishing features, some attitudes.
Unfortunately we don't always get the good attitudes, habits, likes, or features.  
More often we tend to pick up the bad habits and attitudes.

Thankfully we can't pick up any bad habits from our Heavenly Father,
we don't witness Him having a bad attitude,
He has no ugly features for us to inherit. 

No, our Heavenly Father only has beauty to pass down to us,

grace, mercy and loving attitudes that we can learn from

and only good examples of good habits to set us like forgiving over and over again.

Thank you Father for your love and all the great attributes we see in you and in Jesus.  

Help us to focus on these and grow to be more like you day by day.


I want to be able to see that I am growing more like Jesus and my Heavenly Father in all parts of my life.

Do you?


  1. Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story," about selecting the same slipper, shoe or blouse that you really like. I do understand and find myself purchasing two identical shoes, just in case they aren't available later on.

  2. Hey Sandra, I enjoyed your post. I am a slipper girl too and I see wisdom in multiple purchases of something you like...especially slippers. I'm not sure of what quirks I picked up from my Dad but I do pray to be more like our heavenly Father daily.

  3. So thankful that we don't pick up unlegit habits from our heavenly father, only goods. That is definitely one case when I do want to "turn" into my Father :-)

    1. True Sharita, I hope we all feel that way.

  4. What a blessing that we can grow more like our Heavenly Father daily! Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. Anonymous14:08

    I love this analogy! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer for your lovely words.

  6. Sandra, I saw your post on "Coffee For Your Heart" today, and you had me with your title. I wrote a little about my Daddy today, too, at this link... Until someone mentioned it in a comment, I didn't realize that I, too, am "turning into my Daddy"...he loved Jesus with all his heart, and he loved sharing God's Word with least in those two ways, I am just like my Daddy. Thank you for this heart-warming post :)

    1. Happy to meet you Beth and thanks for dropping in.

  7. We know we're turning into our parents when we like something at the store and so buy two at the same time. I like to tell my girls that I'm their parent who makes mistakes but they have a Father in Heaven who is perfect and they need to rely on Him.

  8. I can relate to buying more of one because it will be a good buy--but I didn't get that from my parents! I must have inherited that from some long-ago relative. Thank you for the reminder that we can never obtain a bad habit from our heavenly father.

  9. Haha! Thank for sharing on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey!

  10. This is wonderful and a great testament to your father. Thank you for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

  11. Delightful post for F and yes I do believe we are all unique but very similar ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    1. F to me always makes me think of father or my husband Fred. Thanks for dropping in

  12. If it's comfortable, if it fits, and you like the color, why change perfection. Great memories of your father.

    1. Exactly you like it , it's great! thanks for dropping in

  13. Awesome post. Makes me miss my dad even more than I do already.

  14. I do the same thing! If I like something and it fits, I'll buy another as soon as one wears out...

  15. I really enjoyed this fun post!

    How neat that your Father is with you in so many ways!

    It's comfortable to have comfort.

    And I'm all about buying multiples when they work!

    Thanks for a fabulous link to the letter F.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Jenny, really enjoying this Alphabe Thursday link up as it brings such a variety of things for each letter.

  16. Sometimes though, as an adult you suddenly 'get' sone of your parents idiosyncrasies because they start to make sense all of a sudden! I can understand your fondness for comfort for sure and these characteristics don't seem to bad to me :) #thethemegame