What Happened to the Ribs? - A Dose of Encouragement

The other day we got some lovely ribs and I decided to make our easy ribs recipe which Fred & I love.

Fred helped me prepare the vegetables so that was done quicker than if I was just doing it myself and as I put them in at different stages I just went back and forward between the kitchen and the study (internet!) where I had been before we started.

Everything was going great (in the study) and I presumed all was great in the kitchen because gradually I could smell the cooking as it progressed.

When it came time to eat I thought it didn't quite smell like the ribs were completely done but they had been in long enough and we were hungry so I got the plates and drinks ready and took the roasting dish out of the oven, took off the tin foil and proceeded to scoop the ribs and veg unto the plates.

All I heard was Fred say

"Sandra, Did you put the BBQ sauce on the ribs?"

Well you've guessed it, that was the reason why it hadn't smelt just right.  I was so disappointed because Fred really likes BBQ sauce and I knew I had spoilt the ribs for him.  I like BBQ sauce but don't like it as strong as he does so I knew that the ribs would be fine for me if we just brushed them with some sauce now and put back in the oven for 10 mins.

The flavour of the meat and vegetables already in the juice around the ribs would be good enough for me but Fred would really miss the flavour he was expecting throughout the meal.

So 10 mins later I dished out the dinner to a very hungry Fred. He didn't complain but I knew that he didn't get the meal he had been looking forward to.

Why had that happened?

Simply this:
  1. I didn't check the recipe  -  Why would I when I had made it up myself and had made it several times?
  2. I didn't do it in the normal way  -  usually by myself and so not chatting to someone else
  3. I didn't check the oven closer to the end of the cooking.
  4. I didn't check it out as soon as things didn't smell just right.

BUT MAINLY - My mind was on something else (the Blog), I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing.

Sometimes we think it is just a small thing to not pay proper attention or to forget about something for a while but what about the results of that?

It might seem a small thing to us but it could make a big difference to someone else.

In this case I almost really spoilt my husband's meal but in other cases of not paying enough attention someone could have felt a lot of hurt which can lead to bitterness and a rift in a relationship.

Even in a conversation with someone we can let our minds wander and not pay attention to exactly what they are saying and so not really know how they are feeling.

We can also act like this towards God in our prayer life 


our bible reading.

Are you ever guilty of not paying enough attention to others?

I am thankful that God still pays attention to us and still wants to talk to us even when our minds are always wandering.

Do you know what God is trying to say to you each day or are you not paying close enough attention to Him either?