5 Essential Items to make the Housework Easy PLUS a Bonus TIP

Yes I have   

                             5 things 


                                                      are essential 

for making the Housework as easy as possible in any room.

No matter what room, these 5 things will really make your jobs easier.


 Since I bought my steamer I will not tackle a good cleaning without it
  • windows
  • floors
  • tiles
  • showers
  • toilets
  • baths
   these are just the main things I use my steamer on but not the only things.

Remember the fridge in the kitchen last month - yes I used the steamer to get the stain off the bottom of the fridge.   You are probably thinking  "Is she mad?" but if do then you haven't seen my fridge so click on over to  Is This the End of the Kitchen?
The flat attachment is great for a lot of areas but then there is also the nozzle attachment which means you can get steam into small areas and corners and along edges.
Plus most of the time you don't need to use any cleaners because the steam is such a great cleaner and what could be healthier than water and no chemicals.

Only one problem with my steamer  -  it's green, oh if only it were BLUE!


You only need to go on Pinterest to realise what a great item white vinegar is,  there are just so many uses for it  - but please remember you want brown vinegar
when it comes to chips (French fries)

Of course vinegar is even more powerful
                when it is combined with the next item


This can be used with water to make a paste and is a great cleaning product.
Check it out in Pinterest and see the many suggestions there.

Or mix it with water and vinegar to have a sizzling cleaning experience.
Again check it out in Pinterest and see the many suggestions there.

Also have a look at a previous post where I gave a link to the 
Toilet Bombs


Use the spray bottle with a mixture of water and vinegar to help clean loads of surfaces etc.
Check it out in Pinterest and see the many suggestions there.

Or mix water and vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to have a stronger cleaner.
Again check it out in Pinterest and see the many suggestions there.

A spray bottle is great because you can spray a little cleaner or spray, spray, spray for a bigger amount and much more easy to control that trying to pour something out.

The bottle in the picture is from a Tea Tree Oil product which I used while in Belgium because it was not harmful to the environment but unfortunately my husband was not too keen on the smell so I don't use the product now just use the bottle.

Of course it is cheaper to use the water and vinegar than to buy a that cleaner.


Well this is that little tool that can get into the smaller places, corners, along ridges, and can be used for a light brushing or a heavy scrubbing.

Then combine this with any or all of the above and what can escape your cleaning attack.

These last 4 things are kept in a plastic container with a handle that is easy to grab and take with me to each room (pity the steamer can't fit in too!).

OK I bet you thought I was forgetting about the bonus TIP I mentioned 

in the title of this post.

No way would I forget something!         Okay just don't ask Fred how true that is PLEASE

The Bonus TIP

I keep a packet of Cleaning Wipes in various places especially the

  • bathroom
  • ensuite
  • Guest Bedroom ensuite
  • Back Toilet
  • Utility Room
  • Kitchen

Then when I am in any of these rooms I can do a quick wipe over before I leave the room.

For example 
I go to use the bathroom so before I leave it I just check if the wash hand basin is ok and if not I grab a wipe and a give it a quick wipe over and leave.

If there is a small spill or stickiness in the utility room or kitchen I can get a wipe out of the packet quickly and deal with it rather than let it wait until later or waiting for hot water and getting a cloth out and dirty for the small job.  Just wipe and go no need to dry off.

Maybe you have the same essential materials or maybe you have something else you feel you can't manage without - if so let us know.