Kindness of Strangers - A Dose of Encouragement

We often take for granted the things our families do for us.

We sort of expect that they will come to our rescue when we have been in a car accident and need transport home as in  4 Accidents & a ...(pt2)

We usually expect to be understanding when things crop up to change our plans as in Which Point of View

We also expect to support each other & celebrate good times together as in  Olympic Torch Run

That's what we do for family.

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We also expect to be able to turn to friends for help and support.

We would be surprised if our friends were not willing to jump in to help at short notice, especially if we take ill and need babysitting help or those little trips to the chemist and shops for something we have run out of.

We are normally willing to check up on friends when we haven't seen them around or had contact with them for a while.

That's what we do for friends.

There are some other people we expect to help us and we are very thankful when they do a good job.  I can think immediately of the nice ladies in the shop I got my outfit for our son's wedding and some people who have helped Fred with queries over his work computer connections (he works from home).  These people of course are in jobs where that is their responsibility but we are thankful when they do it well and honestly and with a very pleasant attitude.

But then there are the people who do not have to help us at all.

Strangers who do something which just makes a moment of our life more pleasant or easier to bare.

When Fred's car skidded on the skimmed milk, overturned and ended up in a field there was the lovely considerate couple living beside that field who took him in to wait in their home while they contacted me and the police for him.  Fortunately he did not need an ambulance in 4 Accidents & a ...(pt3)

When Jonathan (6/7 years old) froze at the top of the moving stairs in the Main Shopping Centre in our city where I already had the pram containing Linda on the step that was starting to move & Daniel holding unto the pram; what could I do?
A kind lady coming behind me just said she would stay with Jonathan until I could get down and then up the other escalator again to get back to our oldest son who was developing a fear of heights.
It's not an easy thing to hold unto a pram and another child on moving stairs as you stand twisted round looking up at your son praying he will be okay with a stranger.
I was thankful to that woman who obviously felt compassionately towards our family.

Then there are the group of people I did not know and it may be said, still do not know in real life.
They are bloggers in a special Blogging Group who are always ready to answer questions myself and others have, ready to support and advise in situations where others have not been so nice.

I do not know the backgrounds, religion, politics of any of these people 
but I know how they react to others with 
consideration, help and kindness.

Where do we stand in acts of kindness?

Are we just there for our family?
Are we there for our friends?

Perhaps we are also there for the people in our church that need help.
Perhaps we would be there for the people who live in our street.


Are we there for the people we are suddenly next to in the shopping Centre?

Or the people who for some strange reason end up in our neighbourhood?

Or the people we don't even get to meet?

Why should we show care to people we don't even know?


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  1. There certainly are needs all around me. I hope I respond in kindness. Good encouragement here.

  2. Just joined facebook group with you and i absolutely loves this post. Going to explore rest of your blog and i look forward to reading poat from past and future. Thank you for sharing your writing talent with the world

    - Happy Mom Happy Life

  3. Sandra,
    So glad to be linked up next to you on Holley's linkup. Yes, it is easy to do kind things for family and friends, but Jesus calls to be kind to strangers and even our enemies...tough commands to follow sometimes. I know some days I am not at my best so I try to understand and do kind things for people who may seem grouchy, unfriendly or generally out of sorts. Thanks for urging me on today :)

  4. Since we are believers, our focus should continually be upon how to be kind to those we meet. I'm not always so great at looking for and spotting these many opportunities that are all around me, Mary. So your challenge is a great one, that will be on my mind today and hopefully each day. Thank you for being a vessel of the Lord to remind us to be more like Him!

  5. I think sometime there is not enough kindness in the world and then I see something that makes me know that Anne Frank was right, there is good in people. Sometime we need to look harder for it. Have a blessed week. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This was a lovely 'sharing' post, Sandra. Yes, we all should share our time and other resources with those in need of a boost. I am glad you asked your question (Where do we stand in acts of kindness?).
    Not to brag, but our church hosts less fortunate families in need who are in the Family Promise program here. Each of the volunteer churches have the families stay at their church for a week (we had four families last night) and do their part in helping them get back onto their feet and into a home of their own. I spent the night last night with them at our church last night. Now I have fourteen new friends. :)

  7. I always try to go the kind thing and usually find that most people are the same way.

  8. Ah. There is definitely not enough kindness in the world. It is certainly something God's children should be mindful of. We are His representatives on earth, after all.

  9. Yes Sandra, very touching post for me this week when I relied so much on the kindness of friends, family , colleagues and strangers.
    It is true we because of Jesus we should and must be kind and on reflecting on my dads life this past day or so I am thankful God gave me him as my dad for he taught me to be kind from I was small.

  10. Sandra - I really like this post and the reminder of kindness. Jesus sees all, and he cares so deeply for the small, almost unseen needs, he notices our acts of kindness. Blessings to you this week!

  11. I have been slowly reading Psalm 18 and this afternoon when I read the portion of Word, it talked about when we show kindness to others, God will show Himself kind to us. wow! If that isn't some kind of inspiration to be kind, I don't know what is!

  12. The escalator story was perfect. There are times when it is so easy for us to help and it is such a big deal to the one who is helped. I know that the small amount of help you received with your three children that day made a huge difference to you. What a wonderful illustration of how we need to remember to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

  13. I love random acts of kindness. People don't know how to react. In fact they can get suspicious. Better to do it anonymously. Then you don't put them on the spot.

  14. It's the kindness of people we may never know or meet that moves me. To do something with no expectation of thanks is a blessing on two levels.

  15. May we see others as Jesus saw them -- sheep with no shepherd; hearts in need of a loving word or random act of kindness. Beautiful post! Linked up with you at Sandra Heska King -- hope you'll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

  16. What a great reminder today to reach out to all in acts of kindness - not just if they were nice to us first or if we happen to know them but to all. A smile goes a long way. Blessings!

  17. A great message and encouragement to get involved and be a part of what God is doing in the earth today!

  18. Lovely. Acts of kindness with friends and/or strangers is wonderful. Such a wonderful message to let God work in and through us.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

  19. What a great encouragement! My heart was truly blessed and a little convicted about being there for others. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

  20. What a kind lady to come to your aid. May we step us when we see a need. It is good to keep our eyes open for opportunities to reach out as Jesus would. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at Tell me a Story.
    Those moving stairs used to frighten me as a child so I understand your son's perception.

  21. Thanks for challenging us to look around, see what needs to be done to help others, and to do it. I must admit I don't always take the time to do it.

  22. I LOVE this post. Kindness is so desperately needed, we all need it. It's particularly wonderful when a stranger shows kindness. Lately I've been experiencing much kindness through blogging and I have felt God's hand it. I am so grateful to you all. Thank you for shining a light on kindness. ♥

  23. Absolutely! Kindness is one of the fruits of the Spirit :). It's something we must teach our children and cultivate in ourselves. What cool stories of people helping you.

  24. Yes, let us always be looking out for ways to show simple kindness. It's one of those things that sets us apart as His. Thanks for linking up with us at Grace & Truth!

  25. YES! A thousand times yes, Sandra!! I have a special place in my heart for acts of kindness (We call them Factors of 7) Thanks for sharing these stories. :-)